JourneyPure Recovery Coaching


We have developed an innovative aftercare program called JourneyPure Coaching™to help patients prevent relapse following treatment. 

Upon leaving one of our facilities patients can be left with a sense of isolation. Because they no longer have the therapeutic community that was available while in treatment. This is a time when some addicts relapse. Addiction is often referenced as a disease of isolation. We believe that there is a more supportive way to transition into daily living. By utilizing JourneyPure Recovery Coaching technologies we can offer an effective way for addicts to stay connected and supported. 

All of our facilities utilize recovery coaching as part of a recommended aftercare plan.

Some of the feature of our recovery coaching using JourneyPure Recovery Coaching include: 

  • Daily recovery log, where you introspect, review and check-in throughout the day
  • Secure messaging (HIPPA compliant)
  • Secure video chat (HIPPA compliant)
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Collaborative care management with local health care providers

We will match each patient with a recovery coach that can guide, connect and assist you. 


Members for Life

We make a life-long commitment to all program participants. 

At JourneyPure we want you to be supported and stay connected with us. We want to work with you you on a daily basis for the first year of recovery. Research supports the connection of patients to their treatment provider for the first year. When patients participate in aftercare programs for the first year leaving a facility, the success outcomes increase significantly. 

Recovery Coach Participant Will Have Access to Adjunct Therapists

Participants will have access to at least two individual therapy sessions and two recovery coaching sessions per week. Private practice therapists with specific expertise will be matched to participant's needs. We can create an individualized plan for you. Upon your transition out of residential or PHP treatment your therapist, counselor and support members can stay on track. Let us help you stay connected and focused. 

We Use of a Variety of Therapeutic Approaches

Participant will have access to non-traditional approaches including:

Outcome Measurement

Participant outcomes will be measured with a research-based study to improve service delivery over time and maintain engagement with services. With our use of recovery coaching technology we can not only gain data during your stay but support you on a long term basis. Long term research for addition recovery is important in helping change the stigma and solution of mental health and addiction recovery. We are very lucky to have esteemed Researcher Dr. Sam MacMaster as our Chief Clinical Officer and leading our passion to improving the field of recovery through research.