Evidence-Based Treatment

What does it mean and why science matters

The JourneyPure model of addiction treatment merges traditional practices with scientific research findings.

The use of the term evidence-based treatment indicates that all services at JourneyPure are based on the latest scientific research that has been identified to work best to assist individuals to overcome addiction, trauma and mental health issues. 

A few similar terms to describe the use of research in treatment include:

  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Research-based
  • Science-based

Regardless of the term, the general concept is the same.  Quite simply, everything we do clinically has been shown to improve outcomes for individuals facing addiction and related issues. 

Leadership in Evidence-Based Treatment 

JourneyPure was founded to be a national leader in the addiction field in the use of evidence-based treatment. The advent of evidence-based treatments and their use within addiction treatment centers has revolutionized the delivery services within this area of medical care. 

Historically, addiction treatment was based solely on the Minnesota Model, which focuses on the philosophies of the Alcoholics Anonymous program.  There has been some system-wide resistance to, or disinterest in, the incorporation of the latest available evidence-based practices and the use of technology.  Significant public monies are spent each year for research and development in improving the delivery and content of substance abuse treatment. While the addiction treatment field has some awareness of these technologies, they are rarely incorporated across the board and often not fully implemented as designed. Despite the awareness and discussion of the need to incorporate newer strategies, most programs deliver services that vary little from the Minnesota Model of substance abuse treatment. 

At JourneyPure, we have a strong commitment to the twelve-step approach and the philosophy behind it.  However, we believe that while this is a necessary component of any addiction treatment approach, by itself can be insufficient.  We therefore, created a model to merge what has traditionally worked well in the addiction treatment field (and importantly been scientifically supported), with what we know to work well from the latest federally-funded, university-based research studies. 

The JourneyPure Model of Integrative Evidence Based Treatment

The JourneyPure treatment model has been developed based on several approaches that have been shown to greatly improve the outcomes of individuals with addiction.   

In addition to a focus on the traditional Twelve-Step Facilitation approach, the basic building blocks of our model includes our adoption of the principles of:

  • The Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment model
  • The Trauma-Informed Care model
  • The Principles of Motivational Interviewing

All other additional service components fall under this umbrella of approaches and have similarly been shown to be effective with individuals with addiction. 

JourneyPure's Commitment to Evidence-based Treatment Fidelity Measures

Our commitment to continuous improving and incorporating the latest research findings is ongoing. All staff are extensively trained in these and other modalities.  To ensure that these trainings are applied, a series of fidelity measures are utilized as part of our quality assurance processes to ensure that we are incorporating these models.